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1 December 12:00 - 13:00

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The seminar will cover how Semcon teams bring an engineering idea to the market with our partners. This will primarily focus on an anonymized case study designing, building, and deploying an AI based vehicle fleet efficiency solution. 

The seminar will cover some technical aspects regarding system design, data analysis and security of a connected fleet system. The primary focus will be on applying an agile project management framework for continually evolving engineering projects, and ensuring its success from back of the envelope idea to final market.  

About Semcon

We have the unique experience and expertise in physical solutions as well as digital services. Of classical engineering and digital edge. Many can develop them separately, but few can make them better together. As far as we are concerned, technology has no purpose of its own – it’s the value it adds to people and our planet that is most important. By uniting physical and digital solutions, we create user experiences that matter. Always based on human needs and behaviour. Our division Digital Services works with Digital Experience, Smart Products, Autonomous Solutions, Electrification, AI and Data Management in everything from the automotive industry to telecom or medtech in projects with many different types of technologies and languages.


Anton Sediako
PhD / Systems Engineer

Anton is a systems engineer and project lead for AI at Semcon AB.  Anton has a PhD in mechanical engineering focused on developing new nanomaterials for clean energy applications. With SEMCON, Anton has lead initiatives in applying AI to energy management systems, market analysis, and business development for vehicle electrification.

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